After BA we crossed into Chile picked up my(AJ) brother Sean. We proceeded to ski our way through Chile, if there was a resort we went there. First stop was La Parva, it was nuking like 4″ an hour. We skinned up the afternoon we arrived, passing patrol as they did their final sweep. We made some turns and went back to the truck, not a bad start to Sean’s first day.





Breakfast is a soggy affair in the camper, 3 people + 1 dog + Ski gear + Wet dog = Nothing is ever dry, EVER!

The next day we went over to El Colorado, just getting to there was interesting. Chilean’s generally don’t have snow tires or 4wheel drive and with 20″ on the road it took us over an hour to go less than a few km’s. We had just picked up new tires in Bolivia so Ramona carried us up and down the mountain like a champ! We camped outside El Colorado and skied pow for the next few days. I wish I took more photos, but the skiing was a bit distracting. AJS_5775

It cleared up for a hot minute and we got to see what surrounded us, Chile is an amazing place!


Looking down on Santiago was pretty nice!