After Las Lenas, I received a call to go do some work with Andy Bardon, so we booked towards Buenos Aires for my flight to South Africa. I was his assistant for an upcoming North Face shoot, it was quick, dirty and ultimately a great experience working closely with some great people. Here is the final video, mekanism created from the project as well as the photos Andy made from the project.

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Kat spent the week in Buenos Aires and her photos and stories made me jealous. She teamed up with Loli from The Humming Bird Trip, Loli showed Kat all of her favorite spots in the city. They toured La Boca, Palermo and had lunch at one of Loli’s favorite places. After I returned from my trip, Loli came by to take us to the cartoneros of Buenos Aires. They’ve created work for themselves by recycling cardboard and turning it into works of art. They create anything from toys to light fixtures to shelves, it was awesome to see them creating something from what most people just consider garbage.

We spent most of our time in Palermo, and Palermo Hollywood. Airbnb has been great in this city for the times we needed to escape from our rig, even allowing Alex to join us. Restaurants are plentiful and throughly enjoyable, we loved the empanadas from 1810, the burgers and fries at the burger joint are hard to beat, and the steak at La Cabrera was phenomenal. It’s a very dog friendly city, with a vet on every block. Hordes of dog walkers, some with 15 dogs a piece. Dog parks are plentiful and generally well maintained.

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We crossed off the to do things early on, the Recoleta cemetery filled with mausoleums of past Argentine Presidents and political heroes and villains. The Sunday San Telmo market filled with tourists and locals alike, spanning 10-15 blocks.  El Zanjon, is a restored passage between two homes in San Telmo, nice but expensive to just tour someones home. Overall Buenos Aires has been our favorite city we’ve visited on this journey.


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