After leaving Cafayate we headed towards Mendoza to prepare for ski season in Argentina. Winter came late but with a fury, our first stop was at Las lenas. We showed up at the entrance road, to be greeted by the policia asking if we had Cadena’s (chains) after showing him our chains, we made our way up the road. Argentineans and snow do not mix, most of the cars on the road are 2wd sedan’s with bald tires. Tires in Argentina are 300-500 USD a piece, most people travel to Chile just for tires. We hit a long line of vehicles scrambling to get their chains on. Meanwhile we took up the left lane, in 2wd and climbed the mellow grades. Before reaching the YPF(gas station) just before the resort, there were three buses crisscrossing the road. Sitting and waiting for the buses to move enough for us to drive around, we passed the time with a couple cups of Mate. After cruising past everyone we entered Las Lenas only to be stopped by an official from the resort asking if there where cars coming behind us, wondering where everyone was. We informed him of the clusterfuck we had just driven through and he left to go wrangle the snowplows they had available. We pulled into the parking lot with 4 inches of snow on the ground, went for some dinner and tucked in for the night.

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I opened the door to see it had snowed 2 and half feet in the night, with clearing skies it was gorgeous. We made breakfast through on our skins and went to check out the resort.